Three Sides Of... (2007)

Leif 3 sides cd

My Movie Of You (1981)

Leif my movie of you cd

The Leif Garrett Collection (1998)

Leif collection cd

Can't Explain (1980)

Leif cant explain cd

Same Goes For You (1979)

Same goes for you cd

Feel The Need (1978)

Leif feel the need cd

Leif Garrett (1977)

Leif debut cd

Miscellaneous Recordings

2013 Tantric - 37 Channels "My Turn"
2010 Leif Garrett & Craig Else "Everything"
2005 Popstar Soundtrack  "Tear Up This Town"
2005 Liberty 'N Justice - Soundtrack of a Soul  "Sight Unseen"
2004 Leif Garrett and the Crush Ups "Betty Ford For Xmas"
2003 Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Soundtrack "Former Child Star"
2002 F8
2001 The Christmas That Almost Wasn't - Various Artists "The Sara Band Song"
2000 The Melvins - The Crybaby "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
1999 Godspeed